A Photograph and a Journal Entry Blend for a Message to Humanity.

In 1934 the statue Serenity is worthy of a snapshot to preserve a memory. The photographer is Grace, a mother who will die and leave behind five young children fourteen years later. The man in the photo is Henry posing with Serenity, the father of the five children that will become motherless.

Serenity's destruction through the decades parallels the tribulations of Grace's five motherless children. The Clayland family carries the burden of the message. Destruction in the family comes just as it does to many families trying everything right in a world full of mistrust, selfishness, and defiance. The Clayland family attempts to adhere to the principles of their faith as they challenge parenthood and poverty.

Though Serenity’s view is limited to a vision of buildings, sidewalks, and traffic, the metaphor of her message extends beyond the boundaries of the nation’s capital. She projects an allegorical message of humanity's past, present, and future. Derek, the main character, is introduced at the beginning of the story and becomes the focus of the family drama. As an adult, he defies social norms and embraces an unconventional lifestyle. He is at peace with himself and his world, and he is still loved by many.

The meaning of life is subtly woven into the narrative of events that takes place over several decades. A broken person has the potential to become unbroken. Sometimes, he or she must find their own comfort zone. Serenity suffers and becomes symbolic of Hope for Restoration of Family everywhere. Photographs taken through the years attest to her current state and her hope for renewal and redemption.  Online Bookclub 4/4 stars.




 PROLOGUE At the Feet of Serenity Journal Entry by Henry Clayland: August 10, 1934: Sweetheart, we had a very enjoyable walk and talk to...

Serenity Through the Years